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K Shelvin
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello! It's great to be here! I am very happy to be part of this site!

Character Stamp by Arpie Star Tree by catstam 59 by s-k-i-e-s

ghosts stamp by fogIake Do What You Love Stamp by G0REH0UND teeth stamp by plantbones
plague doctor_002 by bbagels otgw stamp by prince-deer 010 by happyeggboy
37 by Minseokie knive stamp by prince-deer 05 [hearts] by ioxe

<--- My magically malicious boy, as pixeled by old-trash!
Stars RULES:Stars 
-The first 10 people to comment on this journal will get featured~
-I will choose between 3 to 5 deviations from their gallery, and tell why I like them!
-If you comment, please repost this journal on your page, and feature me in the first slot!
-The idea is to spread art around, not to get free features!
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Heyo, check these peeps' channels out!

1. - Ryxner
Summer by Ryxner
Ok, that background is just the bees knees! Simple, but interesting enough to catch the attention. The color choice and the style the character is drawn in (Loving that adorable pear shape) is superb. The line work is quite clean and the choice of color for it fits the piece so well. Did I mention I really like that 'outline' lighting (the white around the edges that signifies a light source shining on the outside of the character)?
Cartoon Backgrouns by Ryxner
These colors! They are soft and easy on the eyes and I just love the way they work so well together! I also really like how simple everything is with just enough detail to keep the eye fixed on it! I like the way all of the lines aren't ruler edge straight on things that aren't 'in direct focus'. An example would be how the lines on the desk and even the things on it (in direct focus) in the first panel are carefully drawn with straight lines. Meanwhile, the cart in the second panel, which is more of a background element, is drawn so that you can still tell what it is, but not with so much detail as the desk. It's a bit of perfect imperfection and I enjoy that very much. 
Henna by Ryxner
Let me just say, I love the way the hair is drawn and shaded in this piece! I find the facial expression to be a bit endearing even though she does look quite like she is up to some mischief. Not only that, but the line work is very clean and the blushing on the body is very lovely! Again, the colors are absolutely well chosen. 

2. -lordsatin
f2u: profile error pixel by lordsatin
Seriously, this piece is delightfully odd. I like that it's a distortion of something that can be seen in real life (well...on a computer screen, but I'm sure you know what I mean). I find the eye to be the ' ''eye-cing'' on the cake'.  *wink wink, nudge nudge* Really though, that shading is just lovely. The blur effect applied here really gives this piece an authentic look overall. 
spooks by lordsatin
I adore this color pallet! While it does seem quite monochromatic, I find that it fits the character very well. This character is a bit spooky, yes, but I also find her and her outfit to be endearing.  What's really neat is that the shading was done with purple instead of black with a lowered opacity. Of course, let's not forget that lovely, clean line work which, is also a chill shade of purple! 

something's off... by lordsatin
Yowza! Again with that eye (gotta love that eye lol!)!The smooth line work and the glow effects for the eyes are just superb! The background is simple, but it does it's job just fine. 

3. -Gazpins
This artist has a unique and simple style that I enjoy looking at. 

[Commission] Kagero by Gazpins
I really like this piece. The colors, the posing, and the background are all very well done (love the ombre!)! Also, I know I've said this a lot, but I can also really appreciate the line work, shading and highlights! The body blushing is also a notable feature! I especially like the way the blades on her forearm are drawn! 

Days Of Candy by Gazpins
This piece really well done! The dustings of color within the background and the generously, but carefully distributed stars (yes, even the tiny ones) make for a lovely picture. I love how the little person in the middle of it all isn't colored in despite having some shading. The picture itself gives off a bit of a lonely feeling however, it's a somewhat pleasant kind of loneliness...solitude, I think is the correct term. 

Heaven's Symphony by Gazpins
(I realize that this is fanart. It is still very nicely done. )YOW! All of those teeth! The monster in this piece is terrifying in all the right ways! I'm really digging that dictionary page in the back, along with the use of hatching to get the tone necessary....and all from one color (or non-color), no less! The lines, shading, and highlighting are all well done. The use of negative space in this piece is well executed as well. I mean, who doesn't love a little contrast every now and then, amirite? 

4. -Songoffallingfeather

Yanto by Songoffallingfeather
I like the fact that there is no line work (bar the eyes, the mouth, and the halo) in this piece. It is very well done and I can't help but adore the shading in and the clarity of this picture. Really, just look at the shading on the hair! I love it! Gotta mention those rainbow stripes on the cheeks and over the freckles as well because they are just the bee's knees! Seriously, this is a fantastic job, indeed!  

OTA Cat (closed) by Songoffallingfeather
This character is absolutely adorable! I like her little outfit (both color sweaters) so much! And the color schemes are very much well done as well as the line work. The stubby paws and unconcerned/possibly annoyed look on the face just makes this character cuter as far as I'm concerned.   

Alight by Songoffallingfeather
This realistic piece is just the loveliest thing! Is that determination I see in this girl's eyes? I'm not sure, but it makes for a wonderful expression! Again, the fact that this piece lacks outlines and has such clarity is absolutely wonderful! The highlights on the skin and hair are wonders to behold.

Breathe by Songoffallingfeather
I wasn't going to do a fourth one, but I've just gotta say that I find the ombre hair on this chick's head to be pretty sweet! The lighting is lovely as well. 

5. -

6. -

7. -

8. -

9. -

10. -

I want to be able to include you if you comment. If you don't follow the rules, however, I won't be able to. Please follow the rules. 

Ok, so this wasn't here before, but please, don't copy-paste someone else's journal and/or commentary if you decide to do this activity. People want to know what you think of their art. If it's an honest mistake, that is understandable, but please try to choose pieces you like and put your own commentary. The only things that should be copy-pasted are the rules for the activity, the numbers 1-10, and the URLs/links to the pieces you are commenting on.  
(I'm not yelling/fussing at anyone....even if the bold text makes it look that way. I just want you to know what to do. <3)

I am also using this to replace the 5 styles meme for now. If I do an event on here, I like it to be something where I can interact with my watchers/other artists. If I do memes, it will be for fun rather than as an event. 


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